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RM00103 - Customer Master Summary - table structure

Great Plains Table Structure

  • RM00103 - Customer Master Summary
  • Technical Name - RM_Customer_MSTR_SUM
  • Series - Sales
  • Physical Name - RM00103

Column Listing:

NameData TypeDescription
TNSFCLIFnumeric(19,5)Total Amount Of NSF Checks Life
NONSFLIFintNumber Of NSF Checks Life
CUSTNMBRStringCustomer Number
CUSTBLNCnumeric(19,5)Customer Balance
AGPERAMTnumeric(19,5)Aging Period Amounts
LASTAGEDdatetimeLast Aged
FRSTINDTdatetimeFirst Invoice datetime
LSTNSFCDdatetimeLast NSF Check datetime
LPYMTAMTnumeric(19,5)Last Payment Amount
LASTPYDTdatetimeLast Payment datetime
LSTTRXDTdatetimeLast Transaction datetime
LSTTRXAMnumeric(19,5)Last Transaction Amount
LSTFCHAMnumeric(19,5)Last Finance Charge Amount
UPFCHYTDnumeric(19,5)Unpaid Finance Charges YTD
AVDTPLYRsmallintAverage Days to Pay - LYR
AVDTPLIFsmallintAverage Days To Pay - Life
AVGDTPYRsmallintAverage Days To Pay - Year
NUMADTPLintNumber ADTP Documents - Life
NUMADTPYintNumber ADTP Documents - Year
NUMADTPRintNumber ADTP Documents - LYR
TDTKNYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Discounts Taken YTD
TDTKNLYRnumeric(19,5)Total Discounts Taken LYR
TDTKNLTDnumeric(19,5)Total Discounts Taken LTD
TDISAYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Discounts Available YTD
TNSFCYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Amount Of NSF Checks YTD
NONSFYTDintNumber Of NSF Checks YTD
UNPSTDSAnumeric(19,5)Unposted Sales Amount
UNPSTDCAnumeric(19,5)Unposted Cash Amount
UNPSTOSAnumeric(19,5)Unposted Other Sales Amount
UNPSTOCAnumeric(19,5)Unposted Other Cash Amount
NCSCHPMTnumeric(19,5)Non Current Scheduled Payments
TTLSLYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Sales YTD
TTLSLLTDnumeric(19,5)Total Sales LTD
TTLSLLYRnumeric(19,5)Total Sales LYR
TCOSTYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Costs YTD
TCOSTLTDnumeric(19,5)Total Costs LTD
TCOSTLYRnumeric(19,5)Total Costs LYR
TCSHRYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Cash Received YTD
TCSHRLTDnumeric(19,5)Total Cash Received LTD
TCSHRLYRnumeric(19,5)Total Cash Received LYR
TFNCHYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Finance Charges YTD
TFNCHLTDnumeric(19,5)Total Finance Charges LTD
TFNCHLYRnumeric(19,5)Total Finance Charges LYR
FNCHCYTDnumeric(19,5)Finance Charges CYTD
FNCHLYRCnumeric(19,5)Finance Charges LYR Calendar
TBDDTYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Bad Debt YTD
TBDDTLYRnumeric(19,5)Total Bad Deb LYR
TBDDTLTDnumeric(19,5)Total Bad Debt LTD
TWVFCYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Waived FC YTD
TWVFCLTDnumeric(19,5)Total Waived FC LTD
TWVFCLYRnumeric(19,5)Total Waived FC LYR
TWROFYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Writeoffs YTD
TWROFLTDnumeric(19,5)Total Writeoffs LTD
TWROFLYRnumeric(19,5)Total Writeoffs LYR
TTLINYTDintTotal # Invoices YTD
TTLINLTDintTotal # Invoices LTD
TTLINLYRintTotal # Invoices LYR
WROFSLIFnumeric(19,5)Write Offs LIFE
WROFSLYRnumeric(19,5)Write Offs LYR
WROFSYTDnumeric(19,5)Write Offs YTD
HIBALLYRnumeric(19,5)High Balance LYR
HIBALYTDnumeric(19,5)High Balance YTD
HIBALLTDnumeric(19,5)High Balance LTD
LASTSTDTdatetimeLast Statement datetime
LSTSTAMTnumeric(19,5)Last Statement Amount
DEPRECVnumeric(19,5)Deposits Received
ONORDAMTnumeric(19,5)On Order Amount
TTLRTYTDnumeric(19,5)Total Returns YTD
TTLRTLTDnumeric(19,5)Total Returns LTD
TTLRTLYRnumeric(19,5)Total Returns LYR