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Add records for a new table
Backup & Shrink Database in SQL2008
Backup database in SQL
Call a SQL scalar value function from C#
CM10100 - CM Deposit Work - table structure
Connection Pooling
Construct New Rows in SQL
Copy column defaults from one table to new table
Creating new rows with sequential numbers
Determine if SQL CMD variable is defined
Determine size of data in tables
Drop and recreate primary key on a table
Drop temp table if it exists
Drop time portion of date/time in SQL
Ensure SQL Command mode is turned on
Extract table data into a merge statement w/o unique column
Extract table data into a merge statement with unique column
Find out how much space is used by databases
GP Get Next Document Number
GP Table Listing
How to select the Nth row in a SQL database table
Increment number portion of a text / number string
Move records to a history table using Output clause
Output long strings
Pivot Example
Print Varchar(max) field contents
Rebuild Indexes
Recompile / Refresh SQL Objects
Refresh all Views
Rename instance of SQL Server
Retrieve GP Table Listing
Retrieve Table Information
Retrieving the Next Note Index in GP
RM00101 - RM Customer MSTR - table structure
RM00102 - Customer Master Address File - table structure
RM00103 - Customer Master Summary - table structure
RM00104 - Customer Period Summary - table structure
RM00105 - RM National Accounts Master - table structure
RM00106 - RM Statements E-mail Addresses - table structure
RM00201 - RM_Class_MSTR - table structure
RM00301 - RM Salesperson Master - table structure
RM00302 - Salesperson Master Summary File - table structure
RM00303 - Sales Territory Master File - table structure
RM00305 - Sales Territory Master Summary - table structure
Script to list table fields
Script to monitor the current activity on SQL server
Selecting a single record from a joined table
Simple Date Conversions in SQL
Simple SQL Cursor Example
Simple T-SQL statement to create a list of lookup values
SOP10100 - Sales Transaction Work - table structure
SOP10106 - Sales User-Defined Work History - table structure
SOP10200 - Sales Transaction Amounts Work - table structure
SQL 2005 Create JOB to Schedule autorun of SSIS pkg
SQL 2008 Composable DML
SQL 2008 Delighters samples
SQL 2008 Filtered Indexes
SQL 2008 Merge statement sample
SQL 2008 Row Constructors
SQL 2008 Table Values Parameters
SQL Bulk Export / Import Example
SQL Recompile All Stored Procedures
SQL Refresh Stored Procedures and Functions
SQL Refresh Views
Stopping execution of a SQL script
To fix the Ctrl+R issue in SSMS
Toggle table constraint checking
Truncate log and shrink database SQL 2005
T-SQL Script to Backup all User Databases
UnPivot Example
Use recursive query to output a select list with a range of values
Using an OUTPUT clause with an INSERT statement
What version of SQL is installed