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Construct New Rows in SQL

The following illustrates an example of how to construct a fixed set of rows in SQL.

;with cteA as (
   select e.*
   from (
           ('Andest', 'Leone P. Sherrell', '2997 Bridge Avenue', 'Crowley', 139, '5A04C704-445F-4A8A-87F8-D0C6542277E2')
         , ('Youten', 'Marco A. Feldman', '4285 Bates Brothers Road', 'Columbus', 565, 'EA27AAB5-DC95-44F2-931B-5B8C89796F5D')
         , ('Andlonimper', 'Robert L. Phillips', '1438 Oak Drive', 'Albany', 76, 'E0DE6D65-7B40-415F-8EAC-99FCDDD79ED0')
         , ('Wisequed', 'Andrea B. McElroy', '2025 Browning Lane', 'Binghamton', 98, 'DDFE2A7E-4B6C-40CC-A08E-3A80D579C438')
         , ('Hance1969', 'William A. Smith', '4172 Charla Lane', 'Dallas', 54, 'AB9D738F-5700-4354-BB76-DA9447A71134')
      ) as e (MyID, sName, sKeyA, sKeyB, lKeyC, uuidKeyD)
select a.*
from cteA a