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SQL 2005 Create JOB to Schedule autorun of SSIS pkg


How to Schedule and Run a SSIS package ( DTS ) Job

  • The job executor account needs the roles of sysadmin, SQLAgentUserRole, SQLAgentReaderRole, SQLAgentOperatorRole
  • The job needs to be run under Proxy account
  • The job executor account is better to be used to create SSIS package and so you are sure the job executor account has the right to run this SSIS package.

The following steps can be followed to get the job done.

The work environment is MS SQL Server Management Studio and you log in as sa.

I. Create job executor account

Highlight Security->New Login, say to make login as devlogin, type your password, default database can be your target database.

Server roles: check �sysadmin�

User mapping: your target database

Msdb database: you make sure to include SQLAgentUserRole, SQLAgentReaderRole, SQLAgentOperatorRole

Then click OK

II. Create SQL proxy account and associate proxy account with job executor account

Here is the code and run it the query window.

Use master

CREATE CREDENTIAL [MyCredential] WITH IDENTITY = 'yourdomain\myWindowAccount', secret = 'WindowLoginPassword'

Use msdb

Sp_add_proxy @proxy_name='MyProxy', @credential_name='MyCredential'

Sp_grant_login_to_proxy @login_name=' devlogin', @proxy_name='MyProxy'

Sp_grant_proxy_to_subsystem @proxy_name='MyProxy', @subsystem_name='SSIS'

III. Create SSIS package

In MS SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, you use job executor account devlogin to create the SSIS package (DTS) and make sure you can execute this package in SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio. Compile/build this package.

IV. Create the job, schedule the job and run the job

In SQL Server Management Studio, highlight SQL Server Agent -> Start. Highlight Job ->New Job�, name it , myJob.

Under Steps, New Step, name it, Step1,

Type: SQL Server Integration Service Package

Run as: myProxy

Package source: File System

Browse to select your package file xxx.dtsx

Click Ok

Schedule your job and enable it

Extra Steps:

Use Full Path when defining files (not use Mapped drives) (
TestSvr\Depts\Computing\FTPdata\temp.txt) In the Control Flow tab – click on the yellow section to bring up the Package Properties

  • Set the ProtectionLevel property to EncryptSensitiveWithPassword
  • Assign a password to the PackagePassword property (note the password or asterisks will not
  • be displayed in the value box after it has been entered)
  • Save this password outside of SQL and SSIS - you will need to reference it later (IMPORTANT!!!!)
  • Make sure the package runs – save it
  • In the JOB’s Command Line (Job > Properties > Select Task >Edit > ‘Command Line’ tab), Change: /Decrypt To: /Decrypt “