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Create Symbolic Link to Network Drive

This means to create a link between a "folder" on my C drive and the network folder on a network device.

Let's imagine that the network folder is \\MyBookLive\MyStorage and you want to map this network location to a folder on your local hard drive called "C:\WDMyBook".

Do the following:

    1. Open a command prompt in 'Administrator' mode.
      1. In Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, press the 'Windows' key.
      2. Start typing 'Command Prompt', you should see 'Command Prompt' pop up after a few keystrokes.
      3. Right-click on 'Command Prompt', a menu will pop up. Select the option that says 'Run as Administrator'.
    2. In the command prompt
      1. Type the following: mklink /d "c:\WDMyBook" "\\MyBookLive\MyStorage"
      2. You should get a message back saying that the symbolic link was created.
    3. Close the command prompt.