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Create a function to read a FileStream and return a string

Sample function on how to read a FileStream object and return a string.

public static string ReadFileStream(System.IO.FileStream fs)
   // declare a stringbuilder class to hold our data
   StringBuilder sbWork = new StringBuilder();

   // make sure our StringBuilder work variable is big enough
   // empty the work variable
   sbWork.Length = 0;

   int nByte; // variable to hold the current byte.
   bool bReturnNull = true; // holds flag to determine if the function should return NULL

   // read each byte in the file stream.
   while ((nByte = fs.ReadByte()) >= 0)
      // set the flag so we know to NOT return NULL.
      bReturnNull = false;

      // convert the byte to a character.
      char cTemp = (char)nByte;
      // append the character to our work variable.

   if (bReturnNull)
      return null;
      return sbWork.ToString();