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RM00303 - Sales Territory Master File - table structure

Great Plains Table Structure

  • RM00303 - Sales Territory Master File
  • Technical Name - RM_Sales_Territory_MSTR
  • Series - Sales
  • Physical Name - RM00303

Column Listing:

NameData TypeDescription
SALSTERRchar(15)Sales Territory
SLTERDSCchar(31)Sales Territory Description
SLPRSNIDchar(15)Salesperson ID
STMGRFNMchar(15)Sales Territory Managers First Name
STMGRMNMchar(15)Sales Territory Managers Middle Name
STMGRLNMchar(21)Sales Territory Managers Last Name
COSTTODTnumeric(19,5)Cost To Date
TTLCOMTDnumeric(19,5)Total Commissions To Date
TTLCOMLYnumeric(19,5)Total Commissions Last Year
NCOMSLYRnumeric(19,5)Non-Commissioned Sales Last Year
COMSLLYRnumeric(19,5)Commissioned Sales Last Year
CSTLSTYRnumeric(19,5)Cost Last Year
COMSLTDTnumeric(19,5)Commissioned Sales To Date
NCOMSLTDnumeric(19,5)Non-Commissioned Sales To Date
KPCALHSTtinyintKeep Calendar History
KPERHISTtinyintKeep Period History
NOTEINDXnumeric(19,5)Note Index
MODIFDTdatetimeModified Date
CREATDDTdatetimeCreated Date
DEX_ROW_TSdatetimeTime Stamp