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Output long strings

Use the following SQL to output long strings in SQL Management Studio.

-- declare a variable to hold our big string
declare @bigString varchar(max)

-- **************************************************************************
-- Add code to store the big string into our @bigString variable
-- **************************************************************************

-- get the total length of the big string
declare @totalLen int
set @totalLen = len(@bigString)

declare @sizePerLine int
       , @start int
       , @sub varchar(max)

-- set the start position
set @start = 1
-- set the number of characters to print on each line
set @sizePerLine = 5000

-- keep going while the start position is within the size of the big string
while (@start <= @totalLen)
       -- get the substring to print
       set @sub = substring(@bigString, @start, @sizePerLine)
       -- print it
       print @sub

       -- set the start position for the next time around
       set @start += len(@sub)