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Bind Data to a Repeater Control

Example of binding a data source to a repeater control in ASP.Net.

<!--   define the repeater control -->
<asp:Repeater ID="repTimeOffStatus" runat="server">
   <!--  add header text here. This will appear at the start of the repeater. -->
      <table class="table table-hover" style="margin-bottom: 0;">
               <th class="text-center">Sick</th>
               <th class="text-center">Vacation</th>
               <th class="text-center">Rollover</th>


       Add the block to be repeated in here. This block will be repeated for each element / row in the datasource.
       Use the Eval() method to evaluate the current row in the datasource and output the value to the web page.
         <td class="text-right"><%# Eval("RowType") %></td>
         <td class="text-center"><%# Eval("Sick", "{0:0.###}") %></td>
         <td class="text-center"><%# Eval("Vacation", "{0:0.###}") %></td>
         <td class="text-center"><%# Eval("Rollover", "{0:0.###}") %></td>
         <td><%# Eval("RowType") %></td>


   <!-- add the footer text here. This will appear at the end of the repeater. -->


The code behind. This is called during the Page_Load() of the form.

// create our BL class that does the work of getting the data
using (var bl = new code.BL.blTimeOffStatus()) 
// use the BL object to get the data
using (DataTable tbl = bl.GetTimeOffStatus())
   // set the datasource on the repeater control
   this.repTimeOffStatus.DataSource = tbl;

   // Call DataBind on the repeater.
   // But, we only want to do this if we are NOT in a PostBack or Callback.
   if (!this.Page.IsPostBack && !this.Page.IsCallback)