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Calling a RESTlet from a SuiteLet

A RESTlet script in NetSuite is very much like a web service in a web application.

The following example illustrates how to call a RESTlet script from a SuiteLet script in NetSuite.

Note: The 'https' & 'url' modules must be included in the script.

 * @NApiVersion 2.0
 * @NScriptType ClientScript
 * @NModuleScope SameAccount
define(['N/runtime', 'N/https', 'N/url'],
 * @param {runtime} runtime
 * @param {https} https
 * @param {url} url
function(runtime, https, url) {

Calling the RESTlet:

// set a value for the employee code,
// this is the value we'll be passing to the RESTlet
var empCode = 'ABCD';

// build our RESTlet URL
var restletUrl = url.resolveScript({
   scriptId     : 'customscript_sdr_rl_validate_emp_code',
   deploymentId : 'customdeploy_sdr_rl_validate_emp_code'

// call the RESTlet, in this case, passing a parameter called "sdr_emp_code"
var response = https.get({
   url : restletUrl + '&sdr_emp_code=' + empCode

// check the response
if (response.body == 'invalid') {
   // perform some action if the employee code is invalid

Inside the RESTlet:

function doGet(params) {
   // get the employee code from the parameter that was passed in
   var empCode = params.sdr_emp_code;

   // determine if the employee code is invalid
   if (empCode == 'x') {
      return 'invalid';

   return 'valid';