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Access Configuration Settings from other Modules
Add a strong name to a DLL
Add button column to Infragistics grid
Add columns to ASPxGridView Grid at runtime
Add Focused Row to ASPxGridView Grid
Add Group Panel to ASPxGridView Grid
Add parameter to an event trap
Add records for a new table
Allow edit on ASPxGridView grid
Asp.NET default.aspx page to redirect to home
ASPX Menus don't behave correctly in Google Chrome
Authenticating to an SMTP server
Backup & Shrink Database in SQL2008
Backup database in SQL
Basic ASPxGridView Grid Data Display
Batch file to copy files to zip folder
BI Error: AADSTS90002: Tenant authorize not found
Bind Data to a Repeater Control
Call a SQL scalar value function from C#
Calling a RESTlet from a SuiteLet
canonical domain
Capture the 'X' close event to stop validation
cellpadding=0 and cellspacing=0 replacement for html5
Center a <div> on a page.
Clearing value of LookupEdit control in XtraGrid
CM10100 - CM Deposit Work - table structure
Command prompt at windows explorer window
Common mistakes in the web.config file
Config Settings in .Net Core v3
Connection Pooling
Construct New Rows in SQL
Convert from UTC time to other time zone
Copy column defaults from one table to new table
Create a Compressed Folder
Create a function to read a FileStream and return a string
Create CSR for GoDaddy Code Signing Certificate
Create Instances of ASP.Net User Controls Programmatically
Create property that saves to ViewState
Create Symbolic Link to Network Drive
Creating an updateable setup using Install Shield LE
Creating Code Signing PFX File
Creating new rows with sequential numbers
Deserialize an XML file or string
Determine if SQL CMD variable is defined
Determine size of data in tables
Disable LinkButton with Javascript
Drop and recreate primary key on a table
Drop temp table if it exists
Drop time portion of date/time in SQL
Edit DevExpress grid inline
Enable tab audio muting UI control
Ensure SQL Command mode is turned on
Execute multiple tasks with maximum simultaneous thread
Executing X tasks, in Y threads at a time
Expire a web page
Extract table data into a merge statement w/o unique column
Extract table data into a merge statement with unique column
Find out how much space is used by databases
Find table locks
Find the MethodBase value of the calling method
Forcing TLS 1.2
Generate Guid in Javascript
Get the NewRowHandle value on DevExpress Grid
GP Get Next Document Number
GP Table Listing
Hack to force DateTime control to get proper value in Validating event
How to convert scientific notation string to decimal
How to select the Nth row in a SQL database table
Howto: (Almost) Everything In Active Directory via C#
IIS Express Configuration File
Implement a combo box control in an editable ASPxGridView grid
Implement Dispose() properly
Import a CSV file
Increment number portion of a text / number string
Infragistics Error When Closing Form
Inline Anonymous Functions
Introduction to ASP.NET inline expressions in the .NET Framework
JSON Conversions
Keep sort after row added to grid
List of Time Zone ID values
Make all grid cells look the same.
Manual install / uninstall of Windows Service
Manually creating an application log in the event log
Methods to convert a Linq output query to a DataTable
Mouse pointer as ASP.NET AJAX progress indicator
Move records to a history table using Output clause
Move User & ProgramData folders to different drive during clean install
Multiple logic operators in Javascript
NetSuite Help Pages
Output long strings
Parameter validation using Contract
Parse CSV
Perform custom actions during JSON Serialization
Pivot Example
Post to a web page from a forms application
Print Varchar(max) field contents
Read 1st page of Excel Worksheet with OLEDB
Read an Excel file
Rebuild Indexes
Recompile / Refresh SQL Objects
Redirect to the top window on server side
Redirecting from within callback raised from ASPxGridView
Refresh all Views
Remove localization - DevExpress
Rename instance of SQL Server
Request a web page/url and save response to file
Resolving Error 500 messages in IIS7
Retrieve GP Table Listing
Retrieve Table Information
Retrieving the Next Note Index in GP
RM00101 - RM Customer MSTR - table structure
RM00102 - Customer Master Address File - table structure
RM00103 - Customer Master Summary - table structure
RM00104 - Customer Period Summary - table structure
RM00105 - RM National Accounts Master - table structure
RM00106 - RM Statements E-mail Addresses - table structure
RM00201 - RM_Class_MSTR - table structure
RM00301 - RM Salesperson Master - table structure
RM00302 - Salesperson Master Summary File - table structure
RM00303 - Sales Territory Master File - table structure
RM00305 - Sales Territory Master Summary - table structure
Run a program as another user
Sample Connection String Setup for a Windows Application
Sample to upload file via FTP
Save / Restore Windows App Form Location
Script to list table fields
Script to monitor the current activity on SQL server
Selecting a single record from a joined table
Sending mail via SMTP
Sequence of events for Pages, UserControls, MasterPages and HttpModules
Serialize Enum values with JSON structure
Serializing an object to an XML file
Set DevExpress Grid Columns to be Read Only
Setting the mouse pointer to be the wait cursor
Simple Date Conversions in SQL
Simple multi-thread example
Simple SQL Cursor Example
Simple T-SQL statement to create a list of lookup values
Smart Dispose method using Generics
SOP10100 - Sales Transaction Work - table structure
SOP10106 - Sales User-Defined Work History - table structure
SOP10200 - Sales Transaction Amounts Work - table structure
SOPType vs SOPTypeDatabase Translation on GP SOP Entry Window
Split sections of the web.config file out to separate files
SQL 2005 Create JOB to Schedule autorun of SSIS pkg
SQL 2008 Composable DML
SQL 2008 Delighters samples
SQL 2008 Filtered Indexes
SQL 2008 Merge statement sample
SQL 2008 Row Constructors
SQL 2008 Table Values Parameters
SQL Bulk Export / Import Example
SQL Recompile All Stored Procedures
SQL Refresh Stored Procedures and Functions
SQL Refresh Views
Stopping execution of a SQL script
Suspend redrawing of a control
Time remaining on Windows login password
To fix the Ctrl+R issue in SSMS
Toggle table constraint checking
Transparent background on an IFrame
Trigger other tasks after task is complete or had exception
Truncate log and shrink database SQL 2005
T-SQL Script to Backup all User Databases
UnPivot Example
Upload file from a web page
URI Property Examples
Use configuration settings for AddIns for Dynamics GP
Use recursive query to output a select list with a range of values
Using a Modified Form in GP Customizations
Using an OUTPUT clause with an INSERT statement
Using Linq to Group by Columns
Using Syntax Highlighting in Wiki
Visual studio - Could not create the file <file>.tmp Access denied
Warning MSB3884: Could not find rule set file "MinimumRecommendedRules.ruleset
Web Page- Prevent 'Enter' Key from Firing Button
What not to do in ASP.NET, and what to do instead
What version of SQL is installed
Windows 8 turns off monitors after 1 minute
Writing to the Windows Event Log
XML Document Sample
XtraGrid keeping focus on same row after reload of data